Communicative English For KIDs


This is a pioneering Communicative English programme for Kids. It consists of highly innovative and useful communicative activities, important communicative aspects. It is a unique and path-breaking assimilation of a variety of training innovations, carefully carved into a perfect design. It is replete with a score of activities which help the kids to learn Communicative English with interest and fun. It contains a number of audio and video files to improve one of the basic skills – listening which is extremely useful for effective Communication Skills. It helps the kids master upon Communication starting with basic levels. It involves the universal basic learning principles for kids Play While You Learn. This special module has a variety of pictures which would speed up the learning process among the kids. This module helps the learners acquire a high level of confidence in language learning. It makes use of highly advanced technological tools.

Who should attend

This module has been specially designed for the Kids studying in both English and Gujarati Medium Schools.


30 Days (Daily One Hour)