Soft Skills & Life Skills

Body Language Course

Most of us tend to believe that what we think is conveyed through the words which we write and speak. But we also communicate through our gestures and movements. However, we are not so conscious so we do not use the right gestures and end up mis-communicating. Hence, the module on body language trains the learner into the various ways in which a certain way of standing or hand movements convey certain specific things and how one should be conscious about it. The module also inculcates the right body movements through exercise and activities designed through the benchmarks of body language training set across the world. In the module, a lot technology comes into play as some of the things are analysed in detail through tech tools of rare sophistication.

Conflict Management Course

All organizations good and great have friction among their minds once in a while. Difference of opinion is healthy but differences are not healthy for an organization and leaders of an organization always brood over how to devise ways of diffusing the differences and maintain a harmonious environment in the company. The skills related to Conflict management are essential in dealing with human resource as their motivation levels can go the wrong way if the leader fails to manage the conflict in a fair and just manner. The module on Conflict management draws heavily on the virtues of team building and fundamental practices of fairness. The training involves simulation of actual conflict situations and study of case studies of conflict scenarios and their effective management.

Control Management Course

Control is an important function of the organization as the implementation part is always the area from all the problems of the company emerge from. Control is all about monitoring that all policy meets precise and fitting execution in letter and spirit. It is also about checking whether the norms of the organization are being adhered to or not. The module acquaints the learners with the structure and processes which make the organization and how control is executed in every organizational pursuit. The module introduces the learners to the way the most successful organizations pursue a remarkable policy of control. Case studies and simulation are the strength of the module and activities and exercises related to Control give the learners the feel of the process.

Goal Setting​​​​​​​ Course

All individual and organizational success springs from the precision and clarity pertaining to the goals. The better the definition of your goals, the better are your chances of reaching close to them. This module has been designed to train you into the process of Goal Setting. The training will involve the stages of goal setting and study of the case studies of the way great individual and organizations did goal setting for them. The learners will be trained in terms of goal setting for the short and long terms. They will also be trained for goal setting in individual and organizational capacities. The module is a complete training of goal setting through activity based learning, marked and defined by advanced technological tools and processes.

Group Discussion​​​​​​​ Course

Group Discussion is a miniature of boardroom scenario of a company. It is the simulation of a meeting of people who differ in their viewpoints and arguments but have a common goal of resolving the issue at their disposal. In modern day recruitment procedures, Group Discussions are widely used to gauge the critical aptitude of the candidates. GDs are also useful in bringing to the fore leadership and communication skills of a person. The module on GD involves several layers of training into effective GD skills- ranging from approaching a topic of discussion to constructing an argument. Exercises and activities envisioned in the module are such that the learning becomes embedded in the learner and lead to the desirable personality traits suitable for GD.

Innovative Thinking​​​​​​​ Course

In the contemporary age, the world is driven largely on the force of ideas which offer new solutions, new services and new avenues. In every good organization, there are people who break new ground, invent newer methods of doing same old things and at times go beyond the apparent barriers. Innovation is an area of study all over the world. A systematic training in innovative thinking can help your career to a new level of growth. The module trains the learner to alter the thought process in a certain way to alter the course of things around him. Based on the best practices of innovative thinking, the module is constituted of exercises, and activities regarding fundamental principles of innovative thinking.

Interview Skills​​​​​​​ Course

Such is the system of education that students appear in all exams which are written in nature but the final exam which can make or mar his career is oral- an interview. Hence, interview skills are of paramount significance in the last and final frontier of career building. The module on Interview Skills is designed to train the learner into the conceptual clarity of interview as a process. It then trains the learner to express himself in the most effective manner possible so that his knowledge finds its expression and is judiciously evaluated for the job for which he is facing the interview. The module involves the scripts and videos of some of the best interviews. For an objective assessment, learners will be interviewed in different ways by interviewers from different domains of knowledge.

Leadership Course

Leadership is the most sought after skill-set today as it is so rare to find and as it can transform the face and fabric of an organization. Leadership skills are always already present in a person and it is always a question of bringing them to the fore. The module is made of possible scenarios in which learners are placed in which their leadership skills are tested. The learners are then introduced to similar situations in history when truly gifted leaders led with their ingenious leadership skills. The module trains the learners in holistic understanding of organizational aspirations and ways of accomplishing collective and individual success.

Motivation Course

Motivation is the key to the way people contribute to a cause or an organization. If motivation levels dip, the best of individuals touch a new low in terms of their contribution. Similarly, if motivation is provided properly, the average organizations scale new heights of achievement. The module deals with the salient dimensions of individual and organizational motivation. It also explores the methods and means of motivation. The learners will be introduced to the precedents of individuals and organizations who surmounted the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Simulation of motivation-centric scenarios forms the essence of the module and its various activities.

Negotiation Skills Course

Business is all about the little difference one can make to the little details in the final stages of a meeting. Whether it is phenomenal profits or enormous losses, Negotiation Skills play a pivotal role in enhancing the extent of profits and cutting down losses. Organizations hold meetings over every minor and major issue and discussion probe the micro details and make everything count in the end. Hence, the module on Negotiation Skills focuses on the analytical skills of a person and the sharpness of mind required to comprehend what constitutes an opportunity in a given situation. The module trains the learners in analytical finesse and ability to communicate in a subtly forceful manner to drive home advantage that may lie on the fringes of a situation. Learners are placed into varied negotiation situations and are tested on various criteria, given and explained to them beforehand.

Personal Money Management Course

Rise of the middle class and fat pay cheques have created a space for an individual to consider options for investments, long term and short term. However, most of the people are found inadequate in the management of their finances. It is one area for which there is no formal education is available. The module on Personal Money Management explores the various avenues of investment available to an investor. It also deals with the risk range of each option and what could be the possible combinations of options available to an individual. The module also makes a few case studies relevant to the learner as the context of a person’s life is the key factor in personal money management. The module trains the learners in the conceptual and practical aspects of money management and provides sufficient simulation for the same.

Positive Attitude Course

Not great talent or great hard work, but a great attitude enables one for great achievements. Positive Attitude is the key to solving problems, to overcoming obstacles and to creating new pathways to success. It is of critical importance also because it is an integral part of harmonious interpersonal scenarios in an organization. The module trains the learners on the crucial aspects of evolving the right kind of attitude regarding a given situation or event. They would be placed into possible scenarios which test the positive attitude of a person and the benefits one can reap of the same. The module charts the growth stories of people placed in apparently adverse circumstances and the way they created success stories out of the same with the strength of positive attitude.

Presentation Skills Course

Presentation Skills form a vital part of individual and organizational success in today’s world. Whether it is the launch of a new product or a routine company presentation, it will all depend not only on the strength of the product but also on how the ideas are conveyed and impressions made on the audience. The module trains the learners on the salient dimensions of presentation skills- clarity of thought, choice of words, and body language. The learners will be introduced to some of the ideal presentations through videos and their scripts. They will also be trained for the requisite language skills. They will, then, be given the possible topics for presentation and they will be rated on the basis of the impact they can make on the audience.

Public Speaking Course

Public Speaking is an integral part of those who lead public life. It is an unavoidable duty and inexpressible joy for those who represent the very best of their respective domain of work. The module on Public Speaking introduces the learners to the core conceptual aspects of making a speech in front of an audience about which very little predictions can go right. Activities and exercises dealing with cultivating the ability to appeal to the masses and the finesse to convey the most complex of ideas in the simplest of manner form the fundamental components of training on public speaking in the module. The module also introduces the learners to some of the finest of public speakers in order to learn from the practitioners and draw the theory from therein.

Social Communication Course

Social communication is deemed to be of two types formal and informal. Social communication takes place when an organization or company organizes ways to communicate their plan or idea regarding their plans. It is to make the employees informed about their plan in a casual way. The module introduces ways in which the people who make the company communicate among themselves not through the routine official channel but in a more informal manner using the social media at times. The module trains the learners in these ways of communication in which they need to alter the way of conveying from strictly formal to a rather informal manner depending upon the occasion. The learners learn through videos/audios involving social communication. There are activities in the module which give them the scope to learn it through experience.

Stress Management Course

Modern life, whether of the top-notch bosses or an average employee, brings its judicious amount of stress for everyone. Targets, ambitions and race against time make it convenient for stress to affect our lives. Managing stress is an indispensable skill for everyone as it affects not only well being but it also affects the quality of work we do. The module introduces the learners to the factors and causes responsible for stress. It also trains them on practicable stress management techniques and mechanisms.

Retail Selling Skills Course

Market is defined and re-defined by customer propensities and customer needs. If one fails to understand the customer, one fails altogether. Rather than throwing your best rehearsed lines at every customer, you need to help the customer make the right choice by making him aware of his options. Retail selling skills is thus a very creative space. The module trains the learners with the best global practices of Retail Selling Skills through activity-based learning methods. The learners would be made to carry out case studies of success and failures stories of retail selling skills and enact role plays of similar situations to demonstrate their learnings.

Team Building Course

Individuals, when united for a cause or a purpose, can usher in miracles into reality. A team that can stand in unison regarding the vision and ways of execution of the vision can accomplish nearly everything. The true challenge lies in building such a team. The module trains the potential leaders regarding how a team is not necessarily about the best individuals placed together in a team but rather about making the best use of the individuals in the existing team. The module illustrates through case studies of how seemingly ordinary teams got transformed themselves with the rights moves of team building. The trainees would be placed in possible scenarios which call for the virtues of team-building. It also draws its lessons from the significant events of history in terms of leaders and teams that accomplished rare feats.

Time Management Course

Time is the most precious commodity we have today because of its proverbial scarcity that everybody complains about. Compared to the complaints of those who do not have time, there are those who manage their time so well that they are able to do their work in time and are still left with time to engage in activities of their liking. Such is the virtue of Time Management. The module draws on examples of the exemplary individuals who led the busiest lives and yet lived up to their own expectations. These case studies would break open the field of possibilities regarding making the most of the 24 hours one has got. Learners would be given a long list of task to be done in a day, a week and a month, almost an impossible list, and they will be asked to plan their day, week and month with the techniques and strategies learnt by them.