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Training Methodology represents the basic premises and core principles of Station-e as a concept as well as a company. We believe in changing the way a certain knowledge domain functioned till now. We have done exactly that in the case of methodology for training in English. Since ages, the same old methods of training prevailed and dominated the arena of communication proficiency. Station-e decided to make a difference, and a fundamental one. Every one of our technological tools, learning material provided by us, and activities designed are directed at one single goal-reinventing the concept of English language training.

Technology is another dimension to our Project Innovation. We belive that the smart use of technology has a magical quality. It can transform the nature and character of everything we do. It is proverbial in the case of everything else in our lives but it had remained aloof from the education environs. We invented ways to change this and bridge the divide. We evolved training programs with a vision to incorporate technological tools into the core practices of training. We have audio-visual aids in place, a Plasma TV and other gadgets which complement and supplement the whole training exercise. Each and every aspect of learning at Station-e is linked with technology and which means with, the seamless, efficient mode of functioning.

Our training methodology emanates from our unmatched dedication to innovative methods for transforming English language training into a totally, completely new concept.